Both Tomorrows is a video installation that started with the idea or implication of multiple truths. A question of how so many individuals could have alternative versions of the same reality. What if we only question the things we know to be true? What if fictions become our most valuable and trustworthy source? The possibility of creating my own fiction from real events allowed for a space that crossed somewhere between the two. Some things are true while some are completely constructed.

Images become repurposed, reprocessed and broken down through uploads, updates and edits. Utilizing family and personal footage that transitions from 8mm film to VHS to digital video, it is like translating different languages and watching how they transform themselves through each moment of breakdown. Another dimension is created that can pass beyond simply old or new footage by drawing on top of forms that existed before me. These images are not 3D but they do exist in multiple dimensions.

Installation photographs by Amanda Haycook

Sound by Desiree Kong