A video that starts from an idea that doesn't relate to its final product. A material that influences how the video begins but potentially becomes lost in its translation. The question of disappearance and the usage of tin foil are what began this interrogation which soon evolved into a deeper look into surveillance. What does it feel like to be the watcher versus the watched? Do we feel when someone is looking? How or if it is possible to recreate this sensation, does it translate into a medium such as video, or tin foil? 

The tin foil acted as a space in which nothing existed, no previous image or relevant connotation. However, the moment it enters into a space, even the studio, it begins to take on other shapes and forms. When an image is projected onto it, it tries to take form but is lost, do we know it is there or is it only visible to the one looking for it? I take on the role of voyeur or watcher as the creator of this video but there are moments captured that I didn't see the first time. I am watched back, I am seen, I am a looking for something but I don't know if I've found it. 

Images are hidden and are hiding, the overlapping and split screening shows and might reveal what is in front and behind of a frame. The rear projection installation allows each image to have multiple meanings and to be seen from many different angles. The installation creates a space in which we are watched and watching, none of us can become invisible in this space.